‘US broken promises to stop arming Kurds triggered Afrin op’ – Turkey’s ex-FM to RT

Turkey would not have embarked on a military campaign in Afrin if Washington had honored its promises to cut off supplies and support to Kurdish militias, Yasar Yakis, Turkey’s former foreign minister told RT. It was “to a very large extent” the US policy towards the Kurds which served as the catalyst for the Turkish offensive in northern Syria, the […]

Happy B-Day Fuhrer? Polish channel captures neo-Nazis’ antics in undercover doc, triggering probe

Polish neo-Nazis held a birthday party for Adolf Hitler complete with a swastika cake, an investigation by a local TV station has revealed. A crew went undercover to unmask the secretive practices of an ultra-nationalist group. Polish neo-Nazis held a birthday party for Adolf Hitler complete with a swastika cake, an investigation by a local TV station has revealed. A […]

Topless FEMEN activists tackled by anti-abortionists during protest clash (EXPLICIT VIDEO)

Topless FEMEN activists were forced to dodge blows from aggressive anti-abortionists after they crashed their demonstration in Paris. The women had ‘FEMEN’ shirts painted on their bodies and carried buckets asking for ‘Christian charity for sperm donations.’ READ MORE: Naked FEMEN activist goes full ‘Donald Trump’ in Kiev nuclear protest (VIDEO) A group of men charged at the women, ripping the […]

2nd explosion rocks Malmo, Sweden in less than a week

Another explosion has rocked the Swedish city of Malmo, just days after a grenade attack directly targeted a police station. No injuries have been reported in the blast that happened around 9pm local time outside a restaurant located in an office building in the Rosengard city district, police said. The facade of the building was damaged in the explosion, the […]

Antifa building torched in Thessaloniki, Greece (VIDEOS)

A building occupied by left-wing Antifa activists in Thessaloniki has been torched by reported right-wing nationalists during a massive rally in the Greek port city demanding neighboring Macedonia change its name. At around 3:30 in the afternoon, “a group of 60-70 fascists attacked our building with Molotov cocktails, causing its arson,”  left-wing group Libertatia said in a statement. [embedded content] […]

Gaza will soon collapse and only Tel Aviv is helping, Israeli president claims

The Gaza Strip, chafed and numbed by a decades-old Israeli-imposed blockade is on the verge of collapse, and it’s all Hamas’ fault, Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin has said. “The time is coming near when the infrastructure in Gaza will collapse, leaving many civilians in distress, with no sanitary conditions, exposed to pollution, impure water and epidemics,” Rivlin said Sunday as […]

13 die after massive landslide throws bus into abyss in Colombia (PHOTO, VIDEO)

At least 13 people died when the bus they were traveling on was pushed by a landslide into a deep abyss off a highway in southwestern Colombia, authorities announced. Rescuers only managed to reach it the next day. About 5,000 cubic meters (176,000 cubic feet) of rocks and mud unexpectedly slid off mountainous terrain in the Nariño region of the […]

Sydney train crash sends passengers flying, injures 16

Sixteen people were injured in Sydney, Australia on Monday morning when a train failed to stop, hitting the buffers at a station. The crash reportedly sent passengers flying through the train. Emergency services rushed to Richmond station just before 10:00 am to rescue passengers who were injured after a commuter train failed to brake on time. Three helicopters, 17 ambulance […]

Tokyo holds ‘first ever’ missile attack drills amid N. Korea tensions

People in Tokyo rushed to seek shelter following a missile alert test. Despite the fact that similar drills have been staged before, it is the first of its kind for the Japanese capital amid ongoing tensions over North Korea. On Monday, Tokyo activated the government’s J-alert system to simulate a missile launch towards the city, calling for people to “evacuate […]

Wish I had direct line with Putin, but I don’t – RT Editor-in-Chief

Despite the belief RT “gets orders” from the Kremlin, it enjoys more editorial freedom than many US media outlets which unquestioningly believe the authorities – despite being fed proven lies before, RT’s editor-in-chief says. RT’s success could never have been possible had it been controlled directly from the Kremlin, as many in the Western media seem to believe, Margarita Simonyan […]

Chris Matthews Warns ‘Giddy’ Dems: Trump Will Be Extremely Tough to Beat in 2020 

Carolyn Kaster/ASSOCIATED PRESS by Tony Lee20 Jan 20180 20 Jan, 201820 Jan, 2018 President Donald Trump’s speech in Pennsylvania on Thursday convinced MSNBC host Chris Matthews that Trump will be extremely tough to beat in 2020 even if Democrats take back Congress in 2018. Matthews said on his Hardball show this week that though Democrats are giddy about potentially sweeping […]

Blue State Blues: What’s Behind the Coming Democratic Wave

Saturday marks the completion of Donald Trump’s first year as president. It has been a year of remarkable accomplishments. So why are Republicans in trouble? Trump signed a tax reform law bolder than the one Ronald Reagan signed in his sixth year in office. He appointed a new Supreme Court justice and set a record for appointments to the federal […]

CNN’s Zakaria on Immigration: Trump Seems ‘Racist’ — GOP ‘Ugly,’ ‘Encouraging ‘Bigotry’

by Pam Key21 Jan 20180 21 Jan, 201821 Jan, 2018 Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” while discussing immigration, host Fareed Zakaria said President Donald Trump’s discussion about the issue seemed “racist.” Zakaria said, “It is difficult to be moderate on any topic these day, most of all immigration. Donald Trump discusses the issue in ways that, to me, seem racist.” He added, […]

CNN: Undetected Asteroids Could Threaten Earth During Government Shutdown

Two CNN correspondents claimed during an episode of The Lead with Jake Tapper that an asteroid could potentially threaten the Earth if the government shutdown continues. CNN correspondent Tom Foreman recalled the time NASA could not monitor “potentially dangerous asteroids” for over two weeks, implying that NASA would not be able to prevent an asteroid attack if it hit Earth […]

How Never Trump Spent Their First Year in Resistance

President Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House created the greatest presidential upset in recent memory, but it also gave rise to the Never Trump “conservative.” A small, not particularly popular type, Never Trump journalists and commentators are nonetheless outspoken and celebrated, particularly among left-wingers who share their contempt for Trump. Failing to stop Donald Trump securing his party’s nomination […]

Whoops! FBI ‘Loses’ Five Months of Texts Between FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has lost about five months of text messages between two top officials, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who openly disparaged then-candidate Donald Trump while working on the Clinton email investigation and the Russia probe investigation, according to a top Republican senator. The officials in question are Peter Strzok and Lisa Page — the two senior […]

Graham: ‘As Long as Stephen Miller Is In Charge of Negotiating Immigration, We Are Going Nowhere’

[embedded content] by Pam Key21 Jan 20180 21 Jan, 201821 Jan, 2018 Sunday in an appearance before reporters, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) criticized White House adviser Stephen Miller over his role in the immigration negotiations. Graham said, “I’ve talked with the president his heart is right on this issue. He’s got a good understanding of what will sell, and every time we have […]

Gingrich: ‘Schumer Shutdown’ a ‘Major Mistake’ — Dems Pitted 700k Illegals Against Men, Women of U.S. Military

by Trent Baker21 Jan 20180 21 Jan, 201821 Jan, 2018 Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and the Democrats made a “major mistake” by shutting down the government. According to Gingrich, the shutdown is “not what the Democrats hoped for.” “[T]he Democrats made a huge mistake because what they should have done was pass the defense appropriations […]

Schumer Rejects McConnell’s Proposal for a 3-Week Budget With an Immigration Debate

Democratic leader Sen. Chuck Schumer immediately rejected a last-minute offer by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who said Sunday evening that he could schedule an amnesty debate if the Democrats stopped their filibuster of 2018 government funding bill. Schumer’s immediate rejection, however, does not kill McConnell’s proposal, which will be voted on midday on Monday, the first business day of the Democrat-enforced government […]

Germany coalition talks: SPD backs talks with Merkel

Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption Mr Schulz (C) had initially ruled out a new “grand coalition” Germany’s centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) have voted for coalition negotiations with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives, their former coalition partners. Earlier this month the two groupings agreed a blueprint for formal talks. Mrs Merkel’s centre-right CDU and its Bavarian CSU ally have been unable to […]

Syria: Turkish ground troops enter Afrin enclave

Image copyright AFP Image caption Turkish tanks rolled across the border into Syria on Sunday morning Turkish ground troops have crossed into northern Syria as part of a major offensive to push out Kurdish militia, which Turkey regards as terrorists. The Kurdish group targeted, known as the YPG, is active in the Afrin region, across from Turkey’s southern border. It […]

Rashan Charles death: Met Police officer not facing charges

Image copyright Met Police Image caption Rashan Charles died after being apprehended by police in Dalston A police officer will not face prosecution over the death of Rashan Charles. The 20-year-old died on 22 July after being chased into a shop in Dalston, east London and apprehended by police. A common assault charge against a Met Police officer was considered […]