The president’s company won’t say how much money it made in ‘foreign profits’ last year. Have you got a guess?

Voters still don’t know how much profit President Trump’s company made from doing business with foreign states. (Evan Vucci/AP)

A few days ago, President Trump’s company announced that it had kept a promise. The Trump Organization said it had donated all of the “foreign profits” from its hotels to the U.S. Treasury.

But there was a catch.

The amount of the donation was a secret.

“We have nothing further to share at this time,” Trump Organization spokeswoman Amanda Miller said.

That secrecy seemed to undermine the point of the donation — which was to reassure Americans that foreign states weren’t using Trump’s businesses to buy the president’s favor.

The original promise had been made by Trump’s private lawyers, just before he took office: “To put to rest any concerns, however, the President-Elect is announcing he will donate all profits from foreign governments’ patronage of his hotels and similar businesses during his presidential term to the U.S. Treasury.”

Voters still don’t know how much profit Trump’s company made from doing business with foreign states. Or, for that matter, which states made those purchases.

We’re working to find those answers.

In the meantime, we’d like to hear your guesses about what the actual number might be. How much profit do you think the Trump Organization made from its business dealings with foreign governments?

You can submit those guesses here: Click this link to enter your guess.

When the actual amount is revealed, we’ll tell you which readers’ guesses came closest.

Before you guess, you might want to read this excellent Bloomberg News story from last year, which laid out the Trump Organization’s methodology for defining “foreign” and “profit,” and calculating the amount of the donation.

This reporter entered the first guess: $15,000.

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