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Trump says he will call for Justice Department to probe whether FBI surveilled his campaign for ‘political purposes’

Under pressure from President Trump, the Justice Department on Sunday asked its inspector general to assess whether political motivation tainted the FBI investigation into ties between Russia and Trump’s campaign — a remarkable step officials hoped might avert a larger clash between the president and federal law enforcement officials. Trump, who spent much of Sunday railing against the year-old special […]

RNC paid nearly half a million dollars to law firm representing Hope Hicks and others in Russia probes

President Trump waves beside White House communications director Hope Hicks as he walks from the Oval Office to board Marine One on March 29. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) The Republican National Committee paid nearly half a million dollars to a law firm that represents former White House communications director Hope Hicks and others in the Russia investigations, according to a […]

India eyes developing autonomous killer robots for military

India is assessing whether it needs to develop AI-based weapon systems for the military, capable of identifying and attacking targets without human input. The tech can’t be reasoned with and won’t feel pity, remorse or fear. The 17-member AI task force, which includes officials from the Indian military, defense ministry, arms contractors and research organizations, was formed in February. New […]

Syrian army declares Damascus area secure after clearing out ISIS-controlled pocket

The Syrian army has declared Damascus and its surrounds fully secure after regaining control of a former Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) stronghold in the southern part of the city. The army made the announcement in a televised statement after establishing control of the Damascus neighborhood of al-Hajar al-Aswad on Monday, according to local media. Read more The military capture […]

Russian rights body seeks Europe’s help in release of RIA Novosti journalist arrested in Ukraine

Treason charges brought by Ukrainian authorities against journalist Kirill Vyshynsky are ungrounded and should be lifted, the Russian human rights council said in a message to the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights. In a statement on Monday, Russia’s Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights said that it had made a request to the Council of Europe […]

‘US dictations’: Palestine slams Paraguay embassy move to Jerusalem

Palestine accused Paraguay of aiding Israel’s “annexation” of Jerusalem, after it became the third nation to move its embassy to the city. Palestinian officials are calling on Arab states to cut ties with anyone making the move. Member of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee Hanan Ashrawi denounced Paraguay’s decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv, describing the relocation […]

Girl power: Fuel tanker demolished by giant haul truck driven by… a woman (PHOTOS)

Social media was sent into overdrive after dramatic pictures surfaced showing a Kamaz fuel tanker run over by an enormous BelAz haul truck. What sparked the tart-tongued comments was the fact the BelAz was driven by a woman. The incident happened in Russia’s Kemerovo region of Siberia on Friday. The woman was driving a BelAZ – one of the world’s largest, […]

If a bouquet is an affront, Putin is a serial offender (PHOTOS)

Bild’s suggestion that giving flowers to a woman may be a veiled political insult after Vladimir Putin welcomed Angela Merkel with a bouquet has made quite a stir in Russia, with angry denials coming from way up. The Russian president greeted the German chancellor with a floral present during her visit to Sochi last week. The German tabloid, which is […]

Italy’s emerging Euroskeptic coalition of M5S & Lega Nord announces its choice for PM

Leaders of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and its right-wing coalition ally Lega Nord have presented to Italian President Sergio Mattarella their pick for prime minister – Giuseppe Conte. Mattarella must agree on their nominee, before the two parties can seek parliamentary approval for their emerging government. Following the meeting with the president, the PM nomination has been confirmed […]

‘US can’t decide for the world’: Rouhani rejects Pompeo’s Iran demands

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has rejected demands made of Tehran by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, vowing to continue “our path,” insisting that the era when the US could “decide for the world” is over. The US government has regressed 15 years, back to “Bush Jr.’s era” and is once again trying to dictate its will on the entire […]

Crimean charm: Italian ex-PM Berlusconi fancies a dacha in Russian region

In a recent speech marking the end of the election campaign in the Italian region of Valle D’Aosta, Silvio Berlusconi confessed that the beauty of Crimea was so overpowering he would love to have a dacha there. Berlusconi said that he was bewitched by the beauty of the peninsula during one of his recent visits to Russia. Driving along the […]

Israeli UN Envoy Urges Security Council to Reject ‘Dangerous’ Anti-Israel Resolution

TEL AVIV – Israel’s ambassador to the UN Danny Danon urged member countries of the UN Security Council to reject Kuwait’s “dangerous” resolution condemning Israel over its response to violent riots in the Gaza Strip ahead of a vote later this week. “Kuwait’s dangerous draft resolution only reinforces Hamas’ terror regime that oppresses and threatens the residents of Gaza and […]

Palo Alto Pastor Resigns After Tweeting City is ‘An Elitist Shit Den of Hate’

An associate pastor at the First Baptist Church of Palo Alto has resigned after tweeting a series of statements berating the progressive city over its lack of action to address severe wealth inequalities there. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Rev. Gregory Stevens called the city “an elitist shit den of hate” and “disgusting” on his public Twitter account, which has since […]

Amd. Faith Whittlesey, Reagan Revolutionary and Conservative Pioneer, Dead at 79

Faith Whittlesey, President Ronald Reagan’s ambassador to Switzerland, who helped popularize the message of the “Reagan Revolution” and advocated for a staunch, traditional conservatism for decades, passed away Monday at 79. Whittlesey, lately of Del Ray Beach, Florida, succumbed to a long bout with cancer in Washington, DC, surrounded by family and friends. Born in 1939 in Jersey City, New […]

Ramadan Rage: Jihadists Kill 41, Injure 102 in First 4 Days

Islamic terrorists have massacred at least 41 people and injured 102 in the first four days of the holiest month for Muslims, Ramadan, a time when some adherents of Islam believe jihad and martyrdom to be especially heroic and rewarded in paradise. This year, Muslim leaders declared Thursday to be the start of the holy month, when most Muslims abide by […]

Progressive Media: Trump/North Korea Summit Could Have ‘Negative Effect on Global Warming’

With the coming North/South Korea entente you might have thought that, finally, President Donald J. Trump had achieved something even progressives would applaud. But you’d think wrong. Already one liberal media outlet has found a fatal flaw in Trump’s scheme to bring peace to the Korean peninsula: it might make climate change worse. Here’s the verdict of E & E […]

Donald Trump Hails First Female CIA Director Gina Haspel: ‘She Will Never, Ever Back Down’

President Donald J. Trump attended the swearing-in ceremony of CIA Director Gina Haspel on Monday, praising her “skill and devotion” in the department for 30 years. “Our enemies will take note: Gina is tough and strong, and when it comes to defending America, she will never, ever back down,” he said. Haspel is the nation’s first female CIA director, as […]

Manhunt: Investigation Launched After Men Fire ‘Kalashnikov-Style’ Rifle in Marseille, France

French police responding to the sound of gunshots in the “sensitive” Marseille neighbourhood of Busserine Monday afternoon were confronted by a number of gun-carrying men who fired their weapons before fleeing, triggering a manhunt in the city. There were no injuries during the incident, but the firearms which included a “Kalashnikov-style” long gun and a handgun were fired into the sky […]

Dr. Robert Epstein Releases Details on Project to Tame Masters of the Universe

As the tech giants face growing scrutiny over their unregulated political power – including the power to swing elections – they have assured both congress and the public that they have no plans to abuse that power, and will commit to greater transparency in order to do so. That’s to be expected. No corporation, accused of wrongdoing, is going to […]

Masters of the Universe: Google Officially Removes ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Motto from Code of Conduct

Tech giant Google has officially removed the long-time company motto of “Don’t be evil” from its code of conduct. For years Google’s unofficial company motto was “Don’t be evil,” but according to the company’s updated code of conduct, that is no longer their mantra. According to Gizmodo, Google removed the motto from their code of conduct in late April or […]

Paper review: ‘Mega party’ and ‘Meghan’s manifesto’

Image caption The royal wedding continues to attract coverage in many of the papers. The Metro has details about the “knees-up” that followed “the best-ever royal wedding”. The first dance was to a Whitney Houston song, the DJ was actor Idris Elba and the cocktails were ginger and rum, the paper reports. Image caption The Sun describes the event as […]

Some of the best of the royal wedding pictures

Union jacks, tiaras, horse-drawn carriages, and celebrity guests. It’s the royal wedding in pictures… Image copyright PA Image caption Crowds cheered Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, as they travelled in the horse-drawn Ascot landau Image copyright EPA Image caption Up to 100,000 well-wishers lined the route as the duke and duchess travelled through […]