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Germany facing new form of anti-Semitism from refugees & people of ‘Arab origin’ – Merkel

In an interview with Israeli TV, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, much-maligned for her open-door immigration policy, has said Germany is facing a new form of anti-Semitism from refugees and people of Arab origin. “We now have another phenomenon, as we have refugees or people of Arab origin who bring another form of anti-Semitism into the country,” Merkel told the Channel […]

Armenian PM Sargsyan resigns after week of mass protests

Pressured by mass protests in the capital, Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan has resigned from office. This apparently seals a victory for opposition forces behind the protest. Demonstrations against Sargsyan, who served as president for a decade before being elected to his new office by the Armenian parliament last week, erupted on April 13. Ahead of the vote, several opposition […]

Mexican presidential hopeful shocks with proposal to chop off thieves’ hands

A Mexican presidential candidate has stirred controversy, after his unsettling comments that thieves should have their hands cut off went viral. The proposal was made by Jaime Rodriguez, an independent candidate in the July 1 Mexican election, during a discussion about corruption in the first debate among the five presidential candidates. Known as “El Bronco” for being blunt and even […]

Keep calm & blame Russia: RT’s story of inconvenient facts surrounding Skripal saga (VIDEO)

If countless Russia-bashing pieces don’t help you get the big picture of the lingering Skripal saga, a report by RT’s Murad Gazdiev may. He scrutinized the major slipups in the UK government’s (and their pundits’) narrative. It is “highly likely” that Russia deployed a deadly weapons-grade toxin to poison former double agent Sergei Skripal. Porton Down, the UK’s leading chemical […]

Deep sea drone captures haunting footage of mysterious WWI submarine (VIDEO)

A mission to uncover the secrets of a century-old Australian Navy submarine which was mysteriously lost at sea along with its entire crew has taken place off Papua New Guinea. The HMAS AE1, the first-ever submarine belonging to the Royal Australian Navy, went missing in September 1914 during the early stages of World War I. Commanded by Lieutenant Thomas Besant, […]

Crisis-hit German army to spend millions on weapons & hardware – report

The German army is reportedly planning to spend millions on brand new rocket launchers, drones, helicopters and cargo aircraft to bridge gaps in its arsenal as the US pressures Berlin to do more for defense. Germany’s Defense Ministry plans to purchase 18 items each costing more than €25 million (US$30 million), according to Handelsblatt and Bild. The list is, however, […]

Russia had no interest in Skripal, UK hiding spy & daughter to stop them talking – ex-CIA mole to RT

The UK security services are most likely hiding the Skripals as they do not want them to reveal any details about their case, former Czech spy Karel Koecher told RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze. “[Former Russian double agent Sergei] Skripal most definitely wasn’t a victim of any kind of operation or attack from the Russian side,” said Koecher, who was a Soviet […]

Macron shows ‘colonial position’ by calling on US to stay in Syria – Lavrov

French President Emmanuel Macron’s plea for the US to maintain a military presence in Syria, even after the terrorist threat has been eliminated, is similar to colonialism, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov believes. “I heard that French President Emmanuel Macron had recently called on the United States not to withdraw from Syria even when the last terrorist would be killed […]

Caviar diplomacy: Probe suspects Council of Europe members of corruption in favor of Azerbaijan

There is “a strong suspicion” that several Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe officials, including its former head, have been involved in corrupt activities in favor of Azerbaijan, a new PACE report said. The officials have accepted luxury gifts, including caviar, carpets, and stays in top hotels in the Azeri capital, Baku, the 219-page report conducted by French, UK, […]

‘Exercise in futility’: Iran warns against making any deals with US ahead of Trump-Kim meeting

Washington’s desire to unilaterally renegotiate the landmark international nuclear accord with Tehran should be seen as a “very dangerous message” by anyone planning to engage in talks with the US, warned Iran’s foreign minister. “The United States has not only failed to implement its side [of the deal with Tehran], but is even asking for more,” Mohammad Javad Zarif told […]

57 killed, over 100 injured in Kabul suicide blast – health official (VIDEO)

A suicide bombing in Kabul has left at least 57 dead and over 100 wounded, according to a spokesperson for the public health ministry. The attacker detonated an IED inside a voter registration and ID center, police say. The explosion happened at about 10am local time in Dasht-e-Barchi. According to eyewitnesses, the death toll is thought to be higher than […]

French tourist site Mont-Saint-Michel evacuated after man ‘threatens to kill cops’

Mont-Saint-Michel, a major tourist site in Normandy, France, was evacuated on Sunday following reports of a man threatening to “kill cops”. Mayor Yann Galton told France 3 Normandie France 3 Normandie on Sunday morning that police had launched a search for a man who shouted “I will kill the cops.” Police were sent to the popular tourist attraction after receiving […]

Qatari fighter jets endanger Emirati passenger plane – UAE officials

UAE aviation officials have accused Qatari military jets of endangering a civilian passenger plane with 86 on board, according to Emirates news agency WAM. The civilian jet was crossing airspace run by Bahrain when it was shadowed by fighter planes on Sunday. The approaching military aircraft came so close that the passenger plane was forced to take evasive action, according […]

Germany shouldn’t buy the F-35, Europe needs military independence – Airbus Defense CEO

The CEO of Airbus Defense urged Europe to keep its military independence and warned Germany not to procure F-35s from the US, arguing it would kill the Franco-German effort to build their own fifth-generation jet. “As soon as Germany becomes an F-35 nation, cooperation on all combat aircraft issues with France is dead,” Dirk Hoke, the CEO of Airbus Defense […]

US, France & allies should not leave, must build ‘new Syria after war’ – Macron

The US, France, and their allies should not leave Syria after the conflict is over, but must build a “new Syria,” French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with FoxNews. “We would have to build a new Syria after war,” Macron said, adding that the US role would be “very important” in this process. He added that “it’s not […]

Ukraine’s far-right honors SS unit, but guess what the Western MSM is really worried about

A notorious Waffen SS division is celebrated with an exhibition of swastikas, Nazi attire and pictures in Lvov, Ukraine, but for some Western journalists, the greater concern is how the Russian media will cover it. As neo-Nazi extremists prepared to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday on April 20 across Germany, Ukraine’s far-right set up an open-air exhibition in the city of […]

‘There’s a price to be paid for threatening Israel’ – defense minister warns Iran as tensions flare

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman cautioned Iran that “there is a price to be paid” for jeopardizing Israeli security. In April, Tehran slammed Israel for hitting a Syrian base, reportedly killing seven Iranians. “Those who threaten [Israel] need to understand there is a price to be paid,” Lieberman said on Sunday, speaking to Kan, Israeli public radio. “The State of Israel […]

At least 55% of French ‘dissatisfied’ with President Macron – poll

Over half of the French people broadly disapprove of President Emmanuel Macron’s job performance, according to a new poll that took place around the time Paris joined US-led airstrikes on Syria, and amid protests over reforms. As many as 55 percent of the respondents said they are “dissatisfied” with the president’s performance, says Ifop poll, published by Le Journal du […]

China welcomes North Korea’s move to halt nuclear tests

China has welcomed North Korea’s decision to halt its nuclear and ballistic missiles tests, expressing hope that Pyongyang will further follow the path of “denuclearization” and “political settlement” on the Korean Peninsula. “Denuclearization of the peninsula and lasting peace in the region are in line with the common interests of the people of the peninsula,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said […]

‘US will say they saved the world’ while peaceful Russian approach on N. Korea won – Moscow

Pyongyang’s move to halt nuclear and missile tests is more the result of collective efforts, including that of Russia and China, than US threats to “wipe off the map” North Korea, a top Russian senator says. On Friday, the North Korean leadership announced it is freezing the nuclear and ballistic missile programs and scrapping a major test site. The development could […]

‘Where’s the line?’ RT discusses borders of free speech after France deports controversial imam

France’s decision to deport an Algerian Muslim preacher who was accused of spreading hatred has sparked debates around freedom of speech in Europe. RT talks about the move and where the line on freedom of expression is drawn. El Hadi Doudi, 63, was accused of provoking hatred towards minority groups after reportedly making public speeches which promoted anti-Semitism. The imam, […]

Here be monsters: Deep sea Java expedition uncovers bizarre new species (PHOTOS)

A deep sea expedition to unexplored depths of the Indian Ocean has unveiled a dozen monstrous new species, including a crab with blood-red eyes and a foot long cockroach. The freakish crustaceans are among 800 species identified during the first such scientific expedition to the southern coast of West Java, Indonesia. READ MORE: Octo-fuss: Internet goes wild for color-changing hatchling […]